Sunday, March 28, 2010

Themes to Complete the Month

I have run out of themes, used up all of this month's from the 2010 Virtual Photo Walk and the January themes I hadn't done, so what is next? I found Danudin's 2009 365 blog and thought I would get started on those themes.'s theme is One Hundred...hmmmm..


  1. Understand your entusiasm, and Julies list from 2009 was inspiring for me, but a bit of advice - Pace Yourself - I found it rewarding cause it stretched my weird sense of humour, but if you are thinking of doing heaps, do it primarily for you, and restrict your posting to 3 or 4 posts a day. My reason for saying this is that those who opted last year to only post (Say) on Sunday, rarely got as much of my attention for each of their posts than they deserved. I now try to find related shots and post two or more shots per post so that people have the opportunity to appraise them if that is their bent. I love commenting and comments, that I recieve, and I am sure you do too, so please think it through, or take Karen (klsbear's) advice and go back over the current themes but from a completely tangential point of view. I have done that and find it rewarding.

  2. Thanks for the advice Ron, I really am committed to one picture a day and try to post once a day, don't have time for 3 or 4 or did you mean 3 or 4 a week?