Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I love it when someone goes crazy with a striking color. I haven't been brave enough to do it in my house yet but this is inspiring. This time of year the dirty snow and leafless trees tend to get drab, I noticed this coffee shop and even though I don't drink coffee I wanted to sit down awhile in the bright glow of the porch and table. I used the "cartoon" filter in Gimp to bring out the details.

I was so fixated on the porch I almost missed this tree in the parking strip, also filtered in Gimp.


  1. Great catch and so funny to see the tree, but they didn't cover it totally so it will be right. Well Done.

  2. What dynamic blues...that would be a coffee shop that would definitely grab my attention! I love it (especially against that dirty snow)!

  3. The blues are really attention getting. Love the contrasts in your image.