Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Yes, I am totally cheating, I took this picture a day early. I was in Park City shopping and a storm moved in totally covering the mountains in white, I couldn't resist this shot. This is the entrance to the Olympic Park where the 2002 Olympics was held. I cheat on my diet sometimes is a theme with me.

I actually ended up in the same spot today by accident and was able to get another picture, with the mountains and the ski jump in the background.


  1. Add me to that cheat sheet (especially w/ the diet LOL). I am sitting here freezing cold and your white image just made me colder! Brrrrrr...

  2. I have had a close look at you "CHEAT" shot and the most impressive thing is that herd of white cattle grzing on the slopes of the mountains that you mentioned. Cheating what a great theme to run your life by, commendable.

  3. I totally missed those cattle Ron, thanks for pointing them out!