Friday, February 26, 2010

Self Portrait Mini Assignment

I followed this tutorial to turn this into a "sketch" and to learn a bit more about software and how it works. This is a really fun idea and I love the picture in the tutorial. I think I finally get the "layering" idea. This really turned out a little creepy, I hope my kids don't see it, they may have nightmares.

I actually think I like this one better, it was created as one of the steps in the process to get the sketch. I like all the shades of gray used to make a picture, life is really like that, lots of shades of gray.

Here is the original


  1. These are all awesome Karen...I just love playing w/ sketches and it looks like you did wonderfully for your first ones....don't forget to go over to the main blog and link to Mr Linky!!

  2. LOve the sketch effect!
    BTW, I use simple equiptment, too: a Kodak point-and-shoot and my cell phone.